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Introducing - Y.W.Chan

Y.W.Chan, a primary visual art teacher. Love, joyful & hope which are the faith she derived in the teaching principles of life. Believing art & design is not only in painting, drawing also is touchable and wisdom in everyday life and things. Provide hours of creative pleasure and cultural insight into artwork or activities which gives a sense of observation of experiences and meaning of life.

          Introduction workshops                                                                 
1) Understand yourself~ Who are you?
Medium: art & craft with different medium (photo taken, sketching, painting...etc)
Duration: 5 lessons, 1hr 30mins/session
Target group: 9-12
Each lesson will create an artwork. After 5 lessons you'll see what their relationship is with themselves!

2) Design your own toy!
Medium: mixed media
Duration: 3 lessons, 1hr /session
Target group: 7-12
Toy, is not just playing, but also can represent yourself and a happy and warm gift to others.