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Introducing - Woo Sau Ling

Woo Sau Ling studied and lived in Paris, France for 7 years. She is from Hong Kong and has now returned to her home town to explore her interests in art.

          Adult classes                                                                 
Sketching (outdoors) - use of charcoal, pencil on paper. Learning how to capture the action or motion or a silhouette of a passenger in a cafe or at the bus stop.

Still life drawing - use of charcoal, pencil, on charcoal paper. Learning how to express volume, texture, composition, format and space of a object by putting different values of shading.

Acrylics painting - application on canvas, wood, cloth, metal, terracotta, etc. Learning how to decorate on daily materials such as shoes, jeans, containers, funishings, etc.

Prices are $800 for 4 courses, each course lasts for 1.5 hours.