Portfolio - Alice Tong

This is a collection of my paintings. I try to give them a name, but the paintings are for the viewers to imagine. I try to date them too, which gives a sense of the journey I am taking. Some words like peace, confusion, anger, imagination, dreamlike, love, romance, solitude, sadness, hope, can be represented in my painitngs.

I've started painting since March of 2004 and since then, it has been an enjoyful activity. And now, I would like to share some of my works to you all. Feel free to give me your comments.

balloon head dandelion dreaming in mexico city eternal sunshine g collision
gold rush golden sunset imaginary fields into the beach Lost Sheeps sucked in Black Hole
Star Spots Romancing the Waves The Last Stand The Waterfall positano
ricko sparkling, please Cat Eternal Bliss Gaudis Rooftop
Sunflowers for Sam Sunflowers Classic Teddy Texas Hold'em Gang Silence in the pond